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Just as a brand is made up of different elements, so is the foundation of Public Relations.
At ProAktiv, we pride ourselves in the following key competencies:

Communication Planning

In telling a client’s story, we devise a sequence on how to put the message across in a way that creates some type of emotional connection with the varied audiences.

Key Stakeholder Liaison & Relations

We believe in adaptive Communication delivered visually, orally and editorially when relating to both media and stakeholders.

Editorial Content Development

We consider ourselves storytellers that understand every nuance of our client’s business and therefore package our news for different platforms whether internally or externally.

Issues and Crisis Management

We believe in understanding how people interact, learn, share, get inspired and share news within their networks.

The Company we keep

We live in the age where people have become a news channel, we are now required to create conversation

  • AAR Insurance

  • Access Kenya Group

    An Internet Solutions Company

  • ICT Authority

  • Internet Solutions

    A division of dimension data

  • Kenswitch

    Your bank link

  • Siti East Africa

    Training Institute

  • AAR Insurance

About Us


Who we are

We do not consider ourselves a PR Agency but an integrated communications Partner.

ProAktiv is a small agency taking care of a big need to redefine the place and Value of Public Relations, in an ecosystem littered with citizen journalism and the advent of community media.

What we do

Our approach to Public Relations is different;
we view our clients’ corporate reputation as a bank account – with the creation of concise, clear and authentic communication strategies targeting varied audience, with relevant information in the right format and the right time, we ensure a build up enough ‘reserves’ of trust to stand firm for the brand through the good and bad times.

 Some Advice

Before enlisting the expertise of a Public Relations Agency, you and your brand should answer to the following:

  • How do I want to be perceived? How does my perception add value to my prospects?
  • Is my intention to build relationships over time or simply a feel good factor?
  • What brands I’m I up against? And what are they talking about?
  • What platforms I’m I looking at to get the much desired traction?
  • What is the cost? This is not only about the spend but more so the intensity of building these relationships by supporting the PR function?

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